Cyantist (cyantist) wrote,

internalized war

war seems to bring out strange things in people. perhaps this is just my perception, but everyone in downtown sf today seemed tense. people were talking to me randomly in the elevator about shit that didn't make any sense.

example 1: "hi. you wouldn't believe what i went through today. i had to sit in two desks to do two people's jobs, because my coworker didn't feel that it was safe to come to work because of the war. i feel like i have a split personality now. hahahaha. have a good night"

example 2: "hey there seeeeeeeeeeeeester. going to the protest? i'm going after i change my pants... they are too tight".

example 3: Awful flute music of "Let it be"

shouldn't be a shock to anyone that i didn't go to the protest. i don't believe in them. sorry. hope you all had fun though if you did and i hope it makes everyone feel better.
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