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home swimming [19 Jul 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

You are an inquisitive explorer
with an armada powered by love.
you push me open
to discover a mutual language
with no flat statements..
but rather spherical exclamations
with bilateral symmetries.

our conscience is present,
we are swimming but we are not remote..
nothing needs to be done
so you take me over.

i'm verging on total withdrawal
having been a part of it all..
i feel your shape around me
altering my sense of my own body
another frame of reference
and an observation factor..
i touch your mouth and discover
our two faces tipped up towards
the sun, the moon and the stars.

we've done several representations
with different techniques
and in different languages.
even with a spinning circle of laundry
we can speak without speaking.
its a masterpiece of relentless hunger

oh how it amuses me!
for i am so incredibly happy
and rhythmically breathing
to the sound of fireworks and gunblasts
that will welcome you home.

continue on your journey love
walk unhurried
and i will wait like a package
with potion on my skin
for you to taste by candlelight again
and again.

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Gears [27 May 2005|10:18am]
When i close my eyes I can see
a thousand tiny hairs…
a smile and a stare…
a freckle or two waiting for me!

I take another look with my hands
and when I reach between your teeth
I feel a man

You swallow your pride
as you explore my mind.
Whispering softly you tell me
the tip of your thoughts
of rawness and time.

We will hold on
locked like meshed teeth on a gear.
and dancing
holding everything near.

Oh please move your feet
like mirror images to mine!

I hope you don’t care
if I fall out of step
and I run out of breath
with this unfamiliar tune

Oh tell me!
Oh.. oh.. tell me!

Take a bow
Tell me how
you will give me the gist
in one little kiss
with all of the reasons
this can exist

Tell me how
Tell me now
I must know.

Cyan Callihan
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Bartending at Butter tonight [06 May 2005|06:43pm]
I'm going to be at Butter tonight from 9-midnight. Sorry for the short notice - but you should come over!
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Yelp with me! [07 Apr 2005|11:29am]

My new obsession. Come Yelp with me! I'm under Cyan Callihan. Add me as a pal.
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[12 Dec 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I have too many journals. I'm trying to figure out if I want to keep my LJ or just shut it down in favor of my other MT and home grown versions. If I continue to post here, it seems that the entries should be different in some way. Any suggestions? What should I write about?

I'm getting ready to head off to Belgium soon and I'm super excited. What's fun to do in Brussels?

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Pekoe the kitten [19 Jul 2004|09:51pm]
Having one kitten wasn't enough. I had to get another one to keep the first one company while I'm away at work. Worked like a charm. Now the first one is worn out and cuddly by the time I get home. She leaves my toes and fingers alone.

Prepare for the cute bomb:

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As promised. Kitty porn [12 Jul 2004|11:37pm]

This is a week after I found her:

This is now!

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Camera [08 Jul 2004|10:14am]
I just ordered a camera.

This means that I'm about to join the ranks of Internet freaks who post pictures of their cats.

Recently, I found a 6 week old kitten attempting to cross the road. Several cars drove over her and managed not to hit her. I scooped her up in my jacket and took her to my bathtub. After spending several hours looking for momma cat and not finding her, I decided to keep her.

I wanted her to love me, so I bribed her with tuna.

It's good to be a cat.

Unfortunately I work insane hours, so now I'm looking for a second kitten. I already have the name picked out. Don't worry.. many pictures are coming.

Totally going to be the crazy cat lady.
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random [21 Apr 2004|12:06am]
The water is dripping from my kitchen faucet. I can't stand it. The dripping changes in pitch with every drop.

My toes are reaching toward the ceiling in my sandals and are tapping along with the drips of water. The bottom of my shoe taps the heal of my foot.

There's a fresh spot of skin on my shoulder that I have just scratched. It's begging me to scratch it again. When I don't scratch it, it threatens me by talking to my elbow and convincing it that now would be a good time to pester me for an itch. I won't cave in.

The back of my throat is also itchy and I could use a glass of water right about now. I just finished a piece of sugar free cinnamon gum on Caltrain and tossed it out half an hour ago. I meant to get a glass of water then, but I still haven't.

Boxes of books are heavy. I make empty promises to myself about never lifting a box of books again. You can bet money that I will.

My eyes are tired from lack of sleep from the previous night. There were a few boxes of assorted items from my move that didn't have a home yet. I threw quite a bit of it away, which felt liberating.

I can't stand having so much to move around. If only my house were a hermit crab shell, so that when I was done with it, I could just walk away and find a new home.

Love is peculiar.

Motorcycles are sexy.

I'm going to have dreams about lemonade.

It's time to twist those knobs on the faucet.

mood: happy
music : my faucet
reading: nothing at the moment
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Help me with my inability to make decisions!!! [23 Oct 2003|04:03pm]
Poll #195695 My halloween costume

I accidentally ended up with three different Halloween costumes. Which one should I wear?

Black and Yellow cheerleader outfit from the 50's with yellow/black stripey socks. I can create cheers about drinks all night long
Band Nerd. I will tell endless stories about my time at band camp
Entirely silver from head to toe
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memetastic [06 Jun 2003|12:51am]
Hi, we like each other. Yay.

spoonfeeding 75%
kiad 75%
zulupetalz 72%
cottoncrown 72%
crasch 69%
octal 61%
zendifferential 58%
kajmal 54%
uke 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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cool birthday present [17 May 2003|10:21pm]
my pal lucas had this made for my birthday!

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days between days! [10 Apr 2003|08:33am]
A bit ago, at 2AM on a Monday, Darwin asked me what day it was and in a sleepy haze I said, "Mun... ssssss... day" Last night he asked me the same thing and I giggled and said, "Wursday!!" So, instead of counting sheep, I giggled and tried to figure out the rest of the inbetween days, but became stuck on Saturday and fell asleep.


Ideas for the day between Saturday and Sunday?
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Saddam's chairs sure look cozy. [07 Apr 2003|10:47am]
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Happy Childrens Book Day!! [02 Apr 2003|12:00pm]
Also, it is rejoice your local bifrosty2k day! Tell your very own bifrosty2k that you think he's awesome. Thank you ;-)
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Quiet Riot Police iRock Iraq Protesters With iPods. [21 Mar 2003|03:16pm]
Just in from Commuter Correspondent #2 'dnm'

SAN FRANCISCO -- While protesters against the War in Iraq attempted to jam busy downtown streets, police attired in fashionable riot gear have implemented a new tactic to stem the flow and demoralize the crowds.

Dubbed "Quiet Riot" by the anti-war groups, law enforcement is using a variant of the "shock and awe" tactics being used in Iraq with an urban twist. Many of the protesters are carrying, among their picket signs and colorful banners, Apple iPods loaded with get-up-stand-up revolutionary tunes to jam out too while quickly snaking through the Financial District. SFPD decided to try psychological operations (PsyOps) to subvert the energized hell-no-we-don't-know by surreptitiously flooding peer-to-peer music sharing networks with wonder hits from the golden era of hair metal and power ballads: the 80s.

"We ran some demographic studies on the Internet usage habits of the arrestees from yesterday's protest and found around 80% use peer-to-peer file sharing networks to trade music" said David Regent, Internet Utilization Director of the SFPD. "Pretty much everyone said they were bringing an iPod with them to get fired up and to 'keep the vibe high', and because they were walking around all of downtown SF. I mean, for many of these folks, especially the younger ones, the Financial District is a pretty scary place. Lots of tall glass buildings, scary capitalists, and, you know, finance. They don't like those things. The easy listening channels wafting out of all the business lunch places on Bush and Battery would put a huge damper on protest. Who can chant when there's Kenny G in the background?"

"Quiet Riot" is deceptively simple. Police officers who went off shift yesterday were asked to bring in LPs, 8-tracks, tapes, and even CDs if they had any, of their favorite 80s rock groups. By 6 AM this morning, central control was awash in every manner of peroxide and mascara.

"I was looking through my bins of records which I haven't played in easily a decade" said Ross Volke, desk sergeant, "and I found this stash of Winger I didn't even know I had. It was sort of wedged in behind the Poison and Motley Crue." With the help of the Internet Utilization Task Force, police staff began encoding every type of media they had with into as many high quality MP3s as possible, and then began mis-labeling the track names with popular songs the protesters were known to be listening to. "We had all these iPods in the evidence locker, so we could scroll through all the playlists. We saw a lot of Reggae, a lot of 'Rage Against The Machine', a lot of 'Public Enemy'. I took a special delight in downmixing the extended acoustic version of Mr. Big's 'Green Tinted Sixties Mind' and naming it 'Give Peace A Chance'"

Protesters who flooded to Internet message boards and chat groups after the winding down of activities last night found many messages covertly planted by a marketing group specializing in viral Internet communications directing them to the new influx of tracks, to drum up downloading activity. The police opted to use this tactic to avoid legal entanglements and also because of it's amazing effectiveness as used by other businesses in getting protesters to sport their product lines, such as Birkenstock and North Face.

A member of a protest crowd who was sitting out the moving march today at Sutter and Montgomery was seen fiddling with his iPod. When asked what was going on, he said "dude, like, what the fuck? I totally snagged something like 30 'Atari Teenage Riot' rips last night and all I hear today is 'Cum On Feel The Noize'! I can't possibly march around downtown listening to this, and listening to the other protesters is even worse." He declined to give his name, saying that if his friends found out he had been a victim of 'Quiet Riot', he would no longer be welcome in their "digital hardcore anarchist techno affinity group."
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Safe from the warzone [20 Mar 2003|09:25pm]
I managed to make it home unharmed by angry protesters in downtown San Francisco. We waited until the protest had moved several blocks away from my building and made our mad dash for the escape.

The streets were lined with trash. I repeat, the streets were lined with trash. The streets were _liberated_.

More news tomorrow morning when I make my second attempt to enter the full scale war on capitalism.
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Commuter Correspondent [20 Mar 2003|04:45pm]
Hi! This is a LIVE update from the commuter correspondant. I'm going to attempt going home in 15 minutes. I will keep you updated and informed of the progress of my liberation from work.
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internalized war [19 Mar 2003|09:40pm]
war seems to bring out strange things in people. perhaps this is just my perception, but everyone in downtown sf today seemed tense. people were talking to me randomly in the elevator about shit that didn't make any sense.

example 1: "hi. you wouldn't believe what i went through today. i had to sit in two desks to do two people's jobs, because my coworker didn't feel that it was safe to come to work because of the war. i feel like i have a split personality now. hahahaha. have a good night"

example 2: "hey there seeeeeeeeeeeeester. going to the protest? i'm going after i change my pants... they are too tight".

example 3: Awful flute music of "Let it be"

shouldn't be a shock to anyone that i didn't go to the protest. i don't believe in them. sorry. hope you all had fun though if you did and i hope it makes everyone feel better.
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Sickies [13 Mar 2003|09:43pm]
I'm sick. Entertain me. I need links!
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